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20 years experience of creating a natural, beautiful, you!

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Your beauty, our inspiration.

Life can be tough on your skin. Why not give it the right skincare it deserves with Twinkul? We help you repair your damaged skin and nurture it back to life. Unlike others without any professional skincare training, Twinkul skincare is the brainchild of Dr. Mary Charles, an internationally certified dermatologist from the USA. Driven by her passion for beauty, with her professional knowledge of the human skin and her 17 years experience in the Nigerian beauty industry, Twinkul is without doubt the sanctuary for your skin.

We are the safe haven for your skin, where you come to get the healing care for your skin from a certified professional with several industry recognition awards. Our products are clinically tested in the USA and a Cosmetologist/Aesthecian is always available for your skin matters. We are till date the only skincare company in Nigeria that sells laser alternative and laser corrector creams. That’s how far we go to help you banish bad skin days for good. We are Twinkul, we provide revitalizing beauty to help you age gracefully!


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